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“My comprehensive technically based training enables me to offer profound expertise. And I command know-how acquired from more than 20 years of professional experience in the planning of interiors. 

My highly structured and rational mode of working is augmented by my extreme sensitivity and my ‘sixth sense’ for people and places. 

This unique combination, together with my personal and heartfelt dedication to each venture, invariably leads to the creation of truly special projects.”

Isabella Köberle

Technical Education

• Studied interior design, graduated with “Dipl. Ing. (Polytechnic)” degree 

• Member of the Chamber of Architects of Baden-Württemberg as a freelance interior designer 

• Member of the Federation of German Interior Designers 

• Master’s curriculum in construction management, graduated with “M. Eng. Project Management” degree 

• 1993 – 2004: worked together with my father in “Köberle Einrichtung und Design” office 

• 2005: established own office “Isabella Köberle | good living energy” in Stuttgart, Germany 

• 2013: Founding member of the Triple A Network


• Qi -Mag. Feng Shui Consultant 

• Senior Master of Tao Practice 

• Since 2002: feng shui consultations and land harmonizations