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A small selection from my past projects

• STUTTGART, GERMANY: newly built villa (approx. 800 m2)
Land harmonization, feng shui consulting, complete planning and implementation of interior design

• CARINTHIA, AUSTRIA: newly built villa (approx. 1,000 m2)
Land harmonization, feng shui consulting, planning and implementation of interior design

• MALLORCA, SPAIN: luxurious residence (approx. 2,500 m2)
Planning of the entire interior design for the main building, the wellness area and the outdoor swimming pool; advised the client on all aesthetic decisions; supervised the construction

• STUTTGART, GERMANY: refurbishment of a hotel
(211 rooms, 5 conference rooms and 6 group rooms, lobby and restaurant)
Planned the interior design and supervised the construction, developed a thoroughgoing design concept for the decoration and signage (theme: “the automobile”)

• STUTTGART, GERMANY: dentist’s office
Feng shui consultation and land harmonization to achieve an especially favorable atmosphere of wellbeing that reduces patients’ anxieties when they come to the dentist’s office

• FILDERSTADT, GERMANY: old age home at Fleinsbach
Feng shui consultation for the publicly accessible rooms to improve the atmosphere of wellbeing by maximizing protection, coziness and joie de vivre

• VARIOUS LAND HARMONIZATIONS for private homes and apartments, as well as for businesses, stores, offices and hotels

Personal Remark

Preserving my clients’ privacy is my topmost priority. Especially in the luxury sector, absolute trust is an essential precondition for a successful business relationship. That’s why you won’t find any photo material from my clients’ private homes.

I would be pleased to schedule a personal meeting with you, during which I can show you relevant reference projects to share impressions and possible approaches for your project.