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Warmth and coziness in our modern house

“I, my wife, and our three children have lived at our new home in Bad St. Leonhard for the past five years. 

It’s important to us to let you know that we feel absolutely wonderful here. 

You succeeded in bringing so much warmth and coziness into our modern house. On the other hand, you also perfectly complied with all the requirements of a practical daily routine. Your well-thought-out concept repeatedly prompts us to remember you with joy. 

Time and again when people visit our house, our visitors tell us how comfortable they are and how good they feel in our home. Every room in our home reflects your special feeling for the selection of materials, colors and lighting. In addition, of course, each member of our family contributed individual components and you skillfully integrated these elements into the concept for the overall design. 

For all of these reasons, we want to again express our gratitude to you as the interior designer who designed our home. If we ever build a new home sometime in the future, we would surely ask for your valuable advice, dear Ms. Köberle.” 

New construction of a private home for the S. Family, land harmonization, feng shui consulting and planning and implementation of interior design

A good feeling for rooms and proportions

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your outstanding collaboration on the project of constructing our home. 

Ms. Georgi recommended you to us when we were in the midst of planning our single-family home and we had discovered to our dismay that our architect wasn’t able to properly transform our requests into architectural reality. 

We’re very happy that you analyzed our existing plans for the new construction and showed us where the weak points and disharmonies were. We gladly accepted your suggestions for optimization so we could alter the plans and arrange to have the house built in accord with your suggestions. 

You have a very good feeling for rooms and proportions, and you were very capable of translating the wishes and needs that we expressed into concrete spatial structures. Our bathroom deserves special mention: it perfectly matches what we had envisioned! 

We spend most of our time now at precisely the location in the house that you had predicted when we looked at the plans together. We’ve been living here for several months now and we feel very, very good. Thanks to the land harmonization and the harmonious home, our family life is very happy and relaxed. 

Thanks to your help, we now have a gorgeous home with a ground plan that’s optimal for us. 

We continue to wish you all good things!” 

New construction of a private home for the A. Family, land harmonization and feng shui consulting

Excellent implementation of our wishes

What did we like? 

– The combination of architecture, interior decorating, feng shui and interior design is a rarity. 

– Good, trusting atmosphere for our work together. 

– Accommodating to our wishes and found compromises when some of our ideas weren’t in accord with feng shui. 

– Excellent implementation of the wishes that we had expressed. 

– Good collaboration with contractors and handymen onsite. 

We continue to feel very good and very much ‘at home’ now, after five years living here, and we would gladly do it again exactly the same way!” 

Redesign of a private home for the A. Family, land harmonization, feng shui consulting and planning and implementation of interior design

Successful Optimization of the Architectural Planning

“We commissioned you to carry out the land harmonization and to provide feng shui consulting when we were conceiving and designing the plans for the new construction of our private home. Thanks to your very clear explanations, which were entirely rational in all respects, we were able to open our minds to these themes. We’re extremely grateful to you because with your expertise in interior design, you were even able to optimize the architectural planning in accord with feng shui aspects. 

We eagerly accepted and benefitted from your well-grounded knowledge and experience, which also related to the positioning of the building on the hillside and to the flow of energy. We gladly conveyed your suggestions for optimization to our architect. 

We’re exceedingly happy and satisfied with your work and we feel totally comfortable in our now home. Thanks once again for your authentic, long-term dedication. We are always ready to recommend you—wherever and to whomever!” 

New construction of a private home for the K. Family, land harmonization and feng shui consulting

Feng Shui in a Dentist’s Office - A Formula for Success

Many people experience anxiety and other unpleasant feelings when they have to undergo dental treatment. One of the reasons why I decided to furnish my dental office in accord with feng shui aspects was to make it easier and as pleasant as possible for anxious patients to see a dentist. The other reason was to create an atmosphere of wellbeing—not only for our patients, but for everyone who works in the office so our employees would experience their working hours more positively and accordingly approach our patients in a more positive way. 

With Ms. Isabella Köberle, I had a highly qualified feng shui consultant at my side. She was open to all of my ideas and she shared my desire to ensure that the philosophy of feng shui would be optimally integrated throughout the dental office and in every phase from the initial planning to the final completion.  

It was not an easy task, but Ms. Köberle accomplished it masterfully. Our premises convey a feeling of protection, coziness and strength, while simultaneously satisfying all of the requirements of the medical and technological equipment needed in a modern dentist’s office. 

The positive atmosphere generated by the feng shui measures is immediately noticeable when a person enters our dentist’s office. Very few details remind a visitor that this is in fact a dentist’s office. Instead, one is surprised how pleasant the various rooms feel. Many of our patients have enthusiastically praised the atmosphere of wellbeing that pervades our premises. Ms. Köberle successfully built a bridge between the medical and technological equipment in a first-class dental office and the needs of the people, who want to feel comfortable here. 

Ms. Köberle combined the “flower of life” over the dentist’s chairs, the garnet as the “heart of the house,” the fragrance-dispensing equipment, the energy fountains and many other elements into a convincing overall concept for our premises. All of this ultimately led to the creation of a unique dentist’s office permeated by an ambience of wellbeing that’s strongly appreciated by patients and staff alike. 

Fearful patients benefit to a large degree from the feng shui measures, which exert a positive influence on the patients even before the treatments begin. From the first moment when they cross our threshold, they notice that this dentist’s office is different. Upon entering our office, nothing calls to mind the unpleasantness of a visit to a dentist, e.g. the odors typically associated with dentists’ offices. These and many other aspects help to make our patients feel more relaxed. And their relaxation, in turn, makes the treatments significantly more pleasant for the dentists, their assistants, and the patients. 

With Ms. Köberle as our feng shui consultant, we’ve successfully transformed an unconventional project into tangible reality. I, my patients and my staff are all very grateful to her for her outstanding work in the development and realization of the concept. 

Dentist’s office for Dr. S, land harmonization and feng shui consulting

A Harmonious Home is a Source of Energy and Tranquility

“After we had moved into our new house, we felt weary and lethargic. We ascribed those feelings to the stresses of the construction phase and the strenuous move. But when this feeling of “unwellness” persisted, we contacted Ms. Köberle. She held extensive discussions with us, performed a land healing, and advised us about feng shui. Afterwards our house and grounds seemed fully charged with positive energy that we could use for ourselves. We felt better, we were significantly more active, and we began to feel closer to one another as couple again. A chronic illness that my husband had been suffering from since our move underwent a noticeable improvement and then disappeared entirely. Ever since then, Ms. Köberle has assisted us with every construction project on our land and we experience our harmonious home as a wonderful source of energy and serenity.” 

The private home of the M. Family, land harmonization and feng shui consulting

Reports about the Theme of Land Harmonization

I have performed land harmonization for private homes, apartments, offices, stores, hotels and factories for more than ten years, either alone or together with my partners in our “Triple A Network.” 

The owners or users of these buildings have had very diverse experiences. In one project, the resident’s headaches suddenly disappeared. Other clients say, “We never really felt unwell, but now we all feel much better.” Psychological problems and anxieties can also be changed by a land harmonization because these too can be triggered or maintained by ground energies.  

In a project on the slope of a mountain, the house was energetically very unstable. After its energetic anchoring, the residents now feel much more stable in their psyches. This improvement came in the nick of time because soon afterwards a severely competitive situation arose in their business, which they were able to cope with very well. 

Another client wanted to convert her attic into a living space, but she had misgivings because her “evil” aunt’s belongings were stored there. In my role as the project’s interior designer, I performed an energetic cleansing and harmonious renovation. The entire family now feels very comfortable and everyone sleeps soundly at night. 

In another project, the client suffered from nightmares and couldn’t sleep in her own bed at all during the past several nights. Her husband phoned me and said that I definitely must visit their home before his wife returns from her vacation because she is very afraid. The harmonizations that I performed in the home have restored her healthy and restful sleep. 

At a family’s villa, the father of the family told me that they never use the living room, but they didn’t know why. After visiting the premises, I could tell them that disharmonious energies were located in this part of the home. My subsequent land harmonization confirmed this diagnosis.“ 

Isabella Köberle