“I would like to support people to come into their power and enhance their wellbeing. My means are the constructed room because the land we live on is our ‘nutrient medium.’ The building is our ‘third skin.’ My calling is to optimally match these with my clients’ needs.” 

Good living energy is the basis for a good life. 

Harmonious rooms with plenty of good living energy have been proven to enhance the wellbeing of the people who live in them. To create such rooms, I use the multistage concept of Multidimensional Room Coaching, which combines the integrated and professional approaches of diverse disciplines such as interior design, feng shui and geomantic. 

Don’t leave your energy to random chance: wellbeing can be planned. 

Isabella Köberle

An Overview of Our Offers

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Among the most important things that a hotel should provide is an environment conducive to sound and refreshing sleep. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Hotel rooms often have very little qi (life energy) and far too much electrosmog. The situation is further worsened by noises from the halls, from adjacent rooms or from elsewhere in the surroundings. Even the cuddliest flannel sheets are useless: guests feel weary and sluggish when they awaken. 

As is also the case in the planning of private homes, hotels likewise tend to pay particular attention to attractive interior decorations. But energetic factors such as electrosmog, subterranean watercourses, unusual history at the location, etc. are typically neglected. That’s a serious oversight because a high level of life energy contributes to refreshing sleep. Furthermore, quiet surroundings and minimal electrosmog exert a strong positive influence on each guest’s feeling of wellbeing. 

I use the multistage concept of Multidimensional Room Coaching to enhance the wellbeing and wellness of the hotel’s guests. Above all, I contribute the expertise that acquired during my many years of professional practice to optimize the construction of luxurious private homes. This know-how enables me to offer competent, practical advice to hotels so they can show their guests that the hoteliers have devoted plenty of thought and care to satisfying their guests’ needs and making their guests’ wishes come true. 

Harmonious energy in rooms goes hand in hand with the aesthetic design of the rooms and the value of the materials. All this comes together in a successful concept for a hotel. Furthermore, good living energy contributes to the wellbeing of the hotel’s staff—for harmonious teamwork and excellent, friendly service. 

Success is not accidental. The atmosphere of wellbeing in your hotel can be planned. 

Isabella Köberle
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Multidimensional Room Coaching

The various stages of Multidimensional Room Coaching build upon one another and can be illustrated by a tree of life.


Spiritual Perception

The place radiates light, peace and strength: 

• Deeply cleanse the land 

• Activate the land for everyone’s wellbeing 

• Identify and mark power points 

• Cleanse and strengthen the heart point 

• Create or harmonize connections

> One feels supported and one comes into one’s power.


The Steps in the Work

• Analysis

I begin by examining the plot of land: I distinguish among more than 200 different types of ground energy and determine the emotional status of the land. The harmony between the hotel project and the plot of land is also examined here.

• Harmonization and Activation

Based on the results of this analysis, the land now undergoes energetic harmonization. Disharmonies and cultural-historical burdens are transformed; energy blockages and anchors are dissolved. Subtle, nonphysical techniques are used to deeply cleanse the land. Afterwards I activate the main energy points, e.g. the land’s heart point, and bring the land’s energy to the highest and most supportive level.

Emotional Perception

The floor plan and the spatial concept of the rooms are harmonious: 

• Harmoniously planned layout

• Good proportions for each room 

• Favorable distribution of life energy (qi flow) 

• Good rear cover 

• Good view (ming tang)

>I intuitively feel good in the rooms.

The Steps in the Work

• Individually planned Layouts

The feng shui consultation includes evaluation of the location of the plot of land, the potentials for building on it, the lines of sight, the surroundings and the terrain of the land. These factors serve as the basis for the positioning and orientation of the building to achieve an optimal flow of energy. 

My primary focus is to create good resonators, buildings and rooms with appropriate proportions, arrangements, openings and permanently installed features. The layout is planned in close collaboration with client and architect. 

Additionally, I strive to achieve a good flow of energy throughout the entire hotel so plenty of invigorating life energy predominates in all rooms, especially in the guests’ rooms. 

In restaurants and conference rooms, a favorable ground plan should offer many harmonious places to sit, where guests can relax and fell good.

Physical Perception

The eye sees beautiful things: 

• Color scheme 

• Choice of materials 

• Design of the furniture 

• Selection of products 

• Functionality 

• An appropriate design conception that fits the location and the hotel’s concept 

• Attractively integrated technology 

• Appropriate constructive details

> The design, the colors and the forms are appropriate for the hotel’s concept and the location.


The Steps in the Work

• Decorative interior design and planning of technical details

The interior architecture should implement the hotelier’s concept in forms and colors. The wellbeing of the guests should be borne in mind during every decision. For example, special consideration should be given to soundproofing, intimacy and the sequence of operations. 

In the technical domain, I pay particular attention to constructive details, for example, skilful and unobtrusive integration of the building’s technology (cooling, ventilation, etc.) and harmonious connections and transitions between different materials.

 Good Living energy

• Guests feel well. 

• Each guest feels secure and cozy and can sleep soundly. 

• A pleasant, friendly atmosphere prevails.

>One feels well, sleeps soundly and awakens refreshed.


The Steps in the Work

• Good Living Energy

To complete the work, the energies of the entire land and the house are tested once more. Together with the hotel’s management and in accord the management’s wishes and goals, the energy points are connected and activated.

My Services


Choice of Real Estate

• Quick check of the energetic status of the land and the feng shui qualities already present in the land and building(s) 

• Analysis of the hotelier’s individual wishes and needs 

• Prioritization of alternatives


Land Harmonization 

• Cleansing and harmonization of the land and the hotel (especially important to neutralize energetic traces left by previous owners) 

• Activation of the heart point of the house / the plot of land


Advisory Concept / Consulting 

• Available either partially or wholly (concept only; concept with briefly sketched suggestions; concept with complete planning of the interior design) 

• Harmonization with the functional and technical needs of the hotelier and the emotional needs of the hotel’s guests, as well as working out suggestions to optimize the situation 

• To complete the work, collaborative energizing of the energy points throughout the hotel and on the plot of land, combining them with the hotelier’s wishes


Choice of Plot of Land 

• Quick check of the energetic status of the land and the feng shui qualities already present there 

• Analysis of the client’s individual wishes and needs 

• Evaluation of potential positioning of the house 

• Prioritization of alternatives


Land Harmonization 

• Cleansing and harmonization of the land to eliminate old cultural-historical interference fields and disharmonies 

• Activation of the heart point of the plot of land


Advisory Concept / Consulting

Define the functional and technical needs of the operator and summarize the basic emotional needs of the hotel’s guests 

• Develop the most important feng shui criteria for the architect, which serve as the basis for the entire design phase 

• Intensive sharing of findings and close collaboration with the client and the architect until completion of the planning of the ground plan to harmoniously integrate insights from Multidimensional Room Coaching into the planning process 

• Accompany further planning until completion, depending on task definition (from a solely advisory capacity to the complete planning of the interior design and supervision of the construction) 

• To complete the work, collaborative energizing of the energy points throughout the hotel and on the plot of land, combining them with the hotelier’s wishes

Further information is available by request

I can make you a concrete offer after we’ve thoroughly discussed the intended hotel project, the location and the relevant figures. Depending on the desired scope, this is followed by onsite meetings for analysis, harmonization and implementation, culminating in individual energizing. 

Also, if you suspect that there may be disharmonious conditions in an existing hotel, either by observation of the staff or based on guests’ feedback, or if you require harmonizing support for a construction project that has already begun, please feel free to phone me or to send me an email. 

Thank you very much for your interest and your attention. I look forward to hearing from you!