“I would like to support people to come into their power and enhance their wellbeing. My means are the constructed room because the land we live on is our ‘nutrient medium.’ The building is our ‘third skin.’ My calling is to optimally match these with my clients’ needs.” 

Good living energy is the basis for a good life. 

Harmonious rooms with plenty of good living energy have been proven to enhance the wellbeing of the people who live in them. To create such rooms, I use the multistage concept of Multidimensional Room Coaching, which combines the integrated and professional approaches of diverse disciplines such as interior design, feng shui and geomantic. 

Don’t leave your energy to random chance: wellbeing can be planned. 

Isabella Köberle

An Overview of Our Offers

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Investors create living spaces. My goal is to contribute to this process from the start so the people who will live there will enjoy a harmonious feeling. 

Over 70% of all purchasing decisions, including purchases on the real-estate market, are influenced by emotional or unconsciously perceived factors. Time and again, certain plots of land and certain houses remain unsold for lengthy intervals. Alongside functional or commercial reasons, there can also be other significant factors that interfere with the sale: for example, whether a person spontaneously feels well or not at a particular location. This spontaneous feeling can be an indication of good or disharmonious energy structures. 

With the multiphase concept of Multidimensional Room Coaching, I assist investors who don’t want to leave anything to random chance and who want to create buildings with plenty of good living energy. An investor who plans and builds in harmony with the surroundings and the natural environment and who prioritizes the wellbeing of the future residents or users will surely improve his marketing opportunities. 

Furthermore, a satisfied customer who feels thoroughly at home and happy in the purchased surroundings will contribute over the long term to the satisfaction of the investor or real-estate agent—whether through recommendations or “merely” through the positive energies of a successful and long-lasting transaction.

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Multidimensional Room Coaching

The various stages of Multidimensional Room Coaching build upon one another and can be illustrated by a tree of life.


Spiritual Perception

The place radiates light, peace and strength: 

• Deeply cleanse the land 

• Activate the land for everyone’s wellbeing 

• Identify and mark power points 

• Cleanse and strengthen the heart point 

• Create or harmonize connections

> The project and its workflow are supported. The residents feel power and energy.


 The Steps in the Work

• Analysis

I begin by examining the plot of land: I distinguish among more than 200 different types of ground energy and determine the emotional status of the land. Here, I also consider the harmony between the investors’ idea for the project and the plot of land.

• Harmonization and activation

Based on the results of this analysis, the land now undergoes energetic harmonization. Disharmonies and cultural-historical burdens are transformed; energy blockages and anchors are dissolved. Subtle, nonphysical techniques are used to deeply cleanse the land. Afterwards I activate the main energy points, e.g. the land’s heart point, and bring the land’s energy to the highest and most supportive level. 

I prepare the land for the upcoming construction work.

Emotional Perception

Harmonious arrangement of the buildings in the landscape. Planning for everyone’s wellbeing.

The floor plan and the spatial concept of the rooms are harmonious: 

• Harmoniously planned layout 

• Good proportions for each room 

• Favorable distribution of life energy (qi flow) 

• Good rear cover 

• Good view (ming tang)

>I intuitively feel good in the rooms.

The Steps in the Work

• Individually planned layouts

The feng shui consultation includes evaluation of the location of the plot of land, the potentials for building on it, the lines of sight, the surroundings and the terrain of the land. This serves as the basis for recommendations about the positioning and orientation of the buildings, the courses chosen for roadways, the water surfaces and the landscaping so the buildings are harmoniously embedded in the landscape. Inside the buildings, attention is paid to a nourishing flow of energy throughout all parts of each building. 

My primary focus is to create good resonators, buildings and rooms with appropriate proportions, arrangements, openings and permanently installed features. The layout is planned in close collaboration with client and architect. 

Here, I take into account all subconscious aspects that contribute toward a person’s wellbeing. These aspects are included in the philosophy of feng shui.

Physical Perception

The eye sees beautiful things: 

• Color scheme 

• Choice of materials 

• Functionality 

• The right design concept, appropriate for the location and the concept 

• Attractively integrated technology 

• Appropriate constructive details

> The design, the colors and the forms are appropriate to the concept.


The Steps in the Work

• Decorative interior design and planning of technical details

Planning the interior furnishings involves finer details and the harmonious design of the rooms. Here, I proceed in accord with the wishes of the investor, but I always plan from the viewpoint of the future users.

 Good Living energy

• The construction measures feel appropriate and harmonious. 

• One has a good feeling. 

• One feels well. 

> One feels well in the rooms.


The Steps in the Work

• Good Living Energy

To complete the work, the energies of the entire land and the house are tested once more. Together with the investors, the energy points are connected and activated in accord with the investors’ wishes and goals.

My Services


Choice of Plot of Land

• Quick check of the energetic status of the land and the feng shui qualities already present there 

• Check to determine if the investor’s idea is in harmony with the land and the location 

• Evaluation of potential positioning of the house 

• Prioritization of alternatives



• Cleansing and harmonization of the land to eliminate old cultural-historical interference fields and disharmonies 

• Activation of the heart point of the plot of land 

• Connecting individual adjacent plots of land to form a single whole


Advisory Concept / Consulting 

• Define the functional and technical needs of the investors and summarize the basic emotional needs of the residents 

• Develop the most important feng shui criteria for the architect, which serve as the basis for the entire design phase 

Intensive sharing of findings and close collaboration with the client and the architect until completion of the planning of the ground plan to harmoniously integrate insights from Multidimensional Room Coaching into the planning process 

• Accompany further planning until completion, depending on task definition (from a solely advisory capacity to the complete planning of the interior design and supervision of the construction)  

• To complete the work, collaborative energizing of the energy points of the project and the land, and connecting these with the investors’ wishes


Representing the Building Owners

During the past 20 years, I’ve participated as an interior designer in many discussions of construction with the architects and tradesmen involved in the project. During these talks, I’ve represented the interests of the owners, who were often not present during the discussions, and I’ve contributed ideas and suggestions. In many instances, these were things that first became apparent after intensively observing and sensitively empathizing with the people. For this reason, and in addition to my abovementioned services, I also offer consulting services from a functional and aesthetic viewpoint for projects involving residential or hotel real estate. 

For example, I recommended that a conventional locking system should definitely not be installed as originally planned in a 2,500-square-meter private villa. If the system had been installed, the client would have been unable to move freely throughout his home without having to unlock and lock the doors. Emotionally, this would have felt like being separated and isolated in one’s own four walls. Ultimately an electronic time-controlled locking system was installed. This system works with both a fingerprint sensor and a transponder.

Further information is available by request

I can prepare a proposal after meeting for a comprehensive discussion about the investors’ intended project, the location and the key data. Depending on the desired scope, this is followed by onsite meetings for analysis, harmonization and implementation, culminating in individual energizing. 

I would be pleased to contribute my skills to maximize the wellbeing of everyone involved and to improve and enrich your projects. I look forward to hearing from you!